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Do You Have What It Takes?

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do you have what it takes?
Do you have what it takes to be LiveJournal's Next Top Model?

These girls think they have what it takes to win! Watch LiveJournal's Next Top Model and see which girl will come out on top!

LiveJournal's Next Top Model is a competition based on UPN's hit television show, America's Next Top Model. While no professional contracts will result after this is over, we think this could be an exciting experience for fans of the show, inspiring models, and people who just want to have a little fun. The winner's prize has yet to be decided, but will most likely include a paid livejournal among other prizes.

Phase One : Auditions

:. WANTED .:

12 every-day women and 12 every-day men who are willing to be introduced to the fast-pace and high-stress world of modeling. Each day, they will slowly be transformed into potentially fierce models. Yet, every 1 week the weakest male and female will be eliminated until only one is left... LiveJournal's Next Top Model

Auditions have ended!

Phase Two : The Competition

Each week, there will be a theme and/or challenge. Everyone will be expected to participate. A winner will be named at the end of the task, typically decided by a special guest judge. The winner will recieve immunity from elimiation that week. There can be any number of winners in each task and it will be specified how many can win at the beginning of each challenge.

Contestants may communicate with each other through LiveJournal or instant messenging services, if they would like.

Phase Three : Elimination

At the end of every week, there will be an elimination where one male and female will end their journey to become America's Next Top Model. The judges (typically 4 plus 1 special guest judge) will ask each contestant various questions in order to get to know their personality and potential as a top model. Contestants may be asked to compete in one final task, as well. After this, the judges will deliberate. They will review the pictures of each model, as well as their other qualities (potential, previous work, personality, uniqueness) and vote on which model they think is the weakest in the competition. Each contestant will find out one by one if they are continuing to the next round. The male and female left are deemed eliminated and are out of the running for LiveJournal's Next Top Model.

(and thank you to mauie for all your help! + bentfire for the layout design!) + curvaceous for setting up the applications on her website!)

Current Applicants:
Alex - likeavirgin_not
Heather - jadedmisery cut
Sarah - kandykisses221
Carl - historyavenger
Jai - _pinktimbs
Morgan - sugar_kissesz cut
Jade - pradamafia
Taylor - piercin_victim dropped out
Dawn - mauie
Meghan (Meg) - angelgurl055 cut
Katie - sheatore
Lindsay - chigirl83
Jessica - pinkmcqueeniev cut
Sac-Nite (Saky) - princesspancake
Brandon - less_than_none dropped out
Rachel (Rae-Rae) - furkixngiguls69 cut
Jenni - voguebabe371
Gemma - angelsays
Candi - little_smokey
Alaina - damnearperfect
Jasie - jasie_tarae
Apollo - inner_pretty
Carolyn - felineofaveb cut
Cestra - bubblewhore dropped out
Skylar - abercrombie_boi cut
Jessie - _decline_ cut
Miranda - curvaceous
Cindee - the_radio_lies cut
Ian - _bang_bang_bang
Regina - party_glitz cut
Zac - citrusboi cut
Nick - flawoody18
Charles - hellnawitsc cut
Vivian - bethinagain
Sara - persephonec
Kimberlee - xkeepitrealx cut

Meredith - angelfaery cut in round 1 of phase 1
Carly - gurlinturupted cut in round 1 of phase 1
Jenna - jenxjuicy cut in round 1 of phase 1
Felicia - felicia_chaphea cut in round 1 of phase 1
Liz - blizzard2502 cut in round 1 of phase 1
Michelle - prittykittyvix finalist
Mandi - kittiemandi cut in round 1 of phase 1
Trisha - gonetothemovies cut in round 2 of phase 1
Lux - digital_sushi removed herself
Megan - sumo_modelingco cut in round 1 of phase 1
Leiah - halfwaytree cut in round 1 of phase 1
Sarah - purplecherry finalist
Kristin - iluveyew never confirmed
Tiffany - yaksordrpepper cut in round 1 of phase 1
Moriah - rain_kissed finalist
Amarisse (Ari) - __radioedit cut in round 2 of phase 1
Chelsea - urhotifimdrunk alternate
Rachel - reeast alternate
Kristy - uggsroxmysox cut in round 1 of phase 1
Allyse - xpaper_flowersx cut in round 2 of phase 1
Miranda - sing_in_silence cut in round 2 of phase 1
Abigail - astoldby_abi cut in round 1 of phase 1
Hazel Ann - skin_flick alternate
Stephanie - cyanidelove8 cut in round 1 of phase 1
Dixie - seductivmongoos cut in round 2 of phase 1
Satinder (Sati) - blooberri cut in round 2 of phase 1
Austyn - lethimwetem cut in round 1 of phase 1
Eden - juscallmederrty finalist
Genice - baby_phat08 cut in round 1 of phase 1
Britanie - britanie_faith finalist
Jessica - outrageousxx finalist
Ashley - pink_stars17 finalist
Live - left_breathless finalist
Se Young - tabloid_theory_ cut in round 1 of phase 1
Caitlin - notmybusiness alternate
Kat - kathleenbarbie cut in round 1 of phase 1
Chrissie - cheercutychrisy cut in round 2 of phase 1
Millissa - cigarettes__ finalist
Tiffany - frackgirl finalist
Jaime - 0_sweet_etc finalist
Jamie - angry_johnny finalist
Fabiana - p0ps cut in round 1 of phase 1
Six - digitsix never confirmed
Sarah - sarahness cut in round 1 of phase 1
Kristen - hotttramp09 alternate
Kim - fireangelkisses cut in round 1 of phase 1

Alex - lilboipunk
Charlie - livingactor
Dave - xdaveex
Beau - revxaos
Marco - daisuke_takeru
Jordan - jimmysaysrelax
Jason - muzicmann12
Mark - dear_kendra
Sean-Michael - theicehotel