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She wanted to model because High School was boring

Real Name: Kyla Lee
Age: 18

Location: Vancouver, BC  Canada
LJ Name you will be using if selected: This one: </a></a>plainoljane
1. Do you have a digital or high quality webcam, that can take unlimited pictures? Yes.

2. Honestly, do you have the time and dedication to put into this competition (which includes weekly deadlines)? I'm an internet addict.

3. What do you hope to gain from this competition? Nothing really. I just am doing this because the whole modelling thing is kind of slow to start.

4. Why should you be selected, what would you bring into the competition? I should be selected because I absolutely love modelling. I would bring my good personality and my helpful comments to other aspiring models. I would help to not condone eating disorders, rather help girls and boys find alternative ways to be thin or think about plus sized modelling. I'd also be able to encourage others and congratulate them on their acheivements.
Picture Requirements:
You must attach and submit three types of pictures (we gotta' see what you look like right?)
these pictures are:
One Black and White Close Up Picture

One Color Close Up Picture
it's a tube top, I'm not naked...
Full Body Pose

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