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Real Name: Tiffany Blaho
Age: 16 for two more days
Location: Bonifay, Florida
LJ Name you will be using if selected: yaksordrpepper
1. Do you have a digital or high quality webcam, that can take unlimited pictures?

2. Honestly, do you have the time and dedication to put into this competition (which includes weekly deadlines)? yes

3. What do you hope to gain from this competition? I think it'll be fun to compete against other internet addicts in a modeling type competition. I hope to go into modeling one day, so I'd like constructive criticism. :)

4. Why should you be selected, what would you bring into the competition? I think I'd bring a fresh, unique editorial model type look.
Picture Requirements:
One Black and White Close Up Picture

One Color Close Up Picture

Full Body Pose

Random Shots

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